Abhishek Vasudev

Abhishek Vasudev

Software Engineer

About Me

I’m an enthusiast who’s passion is coding and software development. I love to do competitive programming. I have hands on experience in software development and team leadership.

My work during internship has been acknowledged by the respective employer. I am a team player.

If you have a role I fit in, please get in touch.

Work Experience

Software Engineer | July 2018 – Present


Currently working on frontend of an Apple project.

Language Used: Swift,Java
Platform/IDE used: XCode, SQL Developer, NetBeans

Learned Apple Technologies

  • Enrolled in Fast-Track Batch.
  • Learned Application Development for MACOS and iOS.
  • Learned fundamentals of Swift programming.

Learned MACOS Development:

  • MACOS Architecture
  • Fundamentals
  • PList

Learned iOS Development:

  • iOS Architecture
  • Fundamentals
  • Core Data

Learned Project Development in iOS:

  • Backend logic using Core Java
  • Database configuration using SQL Developer
  • Database logic using ODBC Java connection and SQL statements

Intern : Web Developer | June 2017 - August 2017

Comezo Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Worked as frontend developer.

Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL, PHP
Projects: Developed the company website and 3 more projects.

Company website: http://comezo.in/

  • Responsible for developing efficient and mobile responsive website.
  • Developed dynamic JavaScript and JQuery codes.
  • Responsible for Search Engine Optimization for the website.
  • Developed front end of report for school result.
  • Developed website for company's client Preducate.
  • Redesigned front of company's product LMS.
  • Analysed data of school result and formulated MySQL queries.
  • Got introduced with moodle and worked on it.

Freelance Web Developer | October 2017 - January 2018


Worked as Freelance Front end Developer.
Developed the company website : http://pararthya.com/
Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

  • Worked on SEO for the website.
  • Integrated email service
  • Optimized image size for fast load of website
  • Developed dynamic JavaScript code for website


Hand Written Digits Recognition System (January 2018)

A machine learning application which recognizes and correctly identify hand written digits. It scans the image of digits and converts them into data.

Technology used: Python, Tensor Flow, MNIST data set
My Role: Individual project.

Facial Detection System (January 2018)

A Facial Detection system is a computer application capable of identifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

Technology used: C++, OpenCV
My Role: Individual project.
Future Task: Develop Facial Recognition System

Park Assist (August 2017 - November 2017)

A mobile application used to help a user by showing nearby parking spaces under the radius of 1 km. The application either takes the current position or the user given address as the search point. The application also provides parking management to the parking owners. The available spaces and booking of a space happen in real time. This is achieved with the use of Firebase.

Technology used: React Native, CSS, JSON, Firebase, draw.io
My Role: Both Front-end and back-end, prepared PowerPoint Presentation
Future Task: Develop Vendor Dashboard

Teacher Assesssment (February 2017 - Present)

It is a software tool for evaluating teacher performance based on student feedback.Students will get opportunity to grade their teachers so that university can bring improvements in teaching process of faculty.The software evaluates the performance of teacher based on the inputs provided by the students.This will help the new students to know about the teaching faculty and the university to bring improvements in the faculty.

Technology used: Java core, JavaFX, MySQL, CSS
My Role: Front-end, Back-end
Future Task: Implement it at my college

Quiz (December 2016 - June 2018)

A standalone application for conducting multiple choice based quiz or tests where a user can make test and students can give test.

Technology Used: Java Core, Java Swing
My Role: Front-end, Back-end
Future Task: Implement it at my college

Sudoku Game (September 2016)

A simple application of Sudoku game.

Technology Used: Java Core, Java Swing
My Role: Front-end, Back-end